1. That Look

From the recording That Look


© 2006 E. Mandrioli

That look is better than a gift
It can only come to me
From the shepherd of my heart
Strong from sharing history
And forging through life’s mystery

Everything is in that look
From the sorrow that it shook
And your wish that time could stop
Or replay the moment lost
While you worry if I’m hurt

Yet you know I’ll understand
Make it better if I can
Feel the comfort of my hand
Solid precious golden band
Means love anywhere we stand

And I hope it never ends, and you’ll look at me again
As our journey spins us round, will we land on solid ground?
To reflect the love we’ve found?

Like a corner of your soul
Collected problems we let go
And the many ways we’ve grown
Now your look just brings it home
That’s the wisdom that we own

So please give me just that look
Because I known the love it took
That I read behind your eyes
Deeper this forgotten time
That’s the gift I want to find