1. Pizza Delivery

From the recording Pizza Delivery


© 2006 J Ferullo

It’s a cold winter night
I turn on the roof light
put the pizza on the
Passenger seat

I’ve got the directions
think I know where I’m going
It’s just a matter of
Finding the street

If I get there ‘fore this pizza is cold
I might just get a decent tip
If I get somewhere ‘fore I’m too old
I might just find it worth the trip

I turn down the side street
Look for the number
It’s a white house with a
Catalpa tree

I hear a dog bark
And look for the door bell
Ring it once and stand still
The pizza and me

If I get……

I give her the pizza
She hands me a twenty
It’s 15 dollars
She says “Keep the change”

Go back to the car
Turn on the CD
It’s a nice night for
The road to change