From the recording In the Shadow of the Falls


© 2006 E. Mandrioli

Late in the forest
Two young lovers parked discreetly
Against the rhythm of the world
Oh……they held each other sweetly
Cloaked in the shadow of the Falls

Daring partners in a full moon’s light
Courting stars and cheating life
Oh…..they lost their young lives quickly
Late in the theater of the night

Led their brothers to a gypsy
Camped off exit 44
Oh…..he swore he was not guilty
Cloaked in the shadow of the Falls

Pleading innocent the gypsy claimed
He read the lovers’ plot for fame
Oh…..the brothers killed him neatly
Caught in the vengeance of their names

Found in the forest
Soon the lovers’ plan unfolded
Their own letter would explain
Oh like Romeo, our suicides recorded
Famous in the shadow of the Falls

But now at exit 44
You can hear the gypsy’s calls
Oh no one knows the brothers they have killed me
I’m buried in the shadow of the Falls