1. Every Brick

From the recording Every Brick


© 2006 J Ferullo

I go to work every day
In the village factory
Making shoes, making cash
For some strangers over seas
I watched the news
Read the paper, saw what’s happening
It’s too bad something
Can’t be done by just one man

Every stone makes the wall

Every brick the factory

Every person does his part

Every act is history

I thought what I’d try to do
Is make the world's biggest shoe
It isn’t much and it isn’t pretty
But shoes are all I do
On the bottom I wrote terror
On the top I wrote peace
It's not going to change a thing
It’s only a great big shoe


What a foolish thing to do
to make the world’s biggest shoe
Seems so silly looking back
But what else could I do?
Peaceful words fall on deaf ears
Loving words do too.
If they won’t listen to Jesus Christ
They won’t hear me or you