John Ferullo writes about important things with his stories about seemingly small things. His beautifully crafted songs gently reach the listener with lovely melodies, his home-spun voice, and well-played guitar. What always comes through is his warm heart. His CD "Real Good Day" is a very enjoyable recording! John sings and plays his songs with honesty - you feel you know him when you listen. Seth Connelly produced and engineered the album; his arrangements and his studio musicianship help to bring John's songs to life. Superb musicians Billy Novick, Lissa Schnectenberger,, Joe Barbieri, Hatrack Gallagher, Elizabeth Mandrioli, and Bernadette Wiemer lend their instrumental and vocal talents to this fine album.” - Ellen Schmidt

— Singer/Songwriter/Producer

John Ferullo's rough-edged voice and songs weave through Betsi Mandrioli's blues-soaked, lovely soprano, creating the magic that is 'Two Cat Folk'.” - Karen Woodhall

— South Shore Folk Music Club

I liked it, the first song about Sedona " got my attention, Betsi has a unique voice, velvety, rich, yet with edgy qualities and strong word pictures. Many of the lyrics cause you to play the scene out in your mind. The "Somewhere over the Rainbow" is a nice touch as well. John's real life, "slices everyday events" style of lyrics make you see the characters, feel the human qualities. You can feel the influence of Kris Kristofferson, VanZandt and Guy Clark in their approach. The song at the end, Clark's ( and Van Zandt's) "To Live is To Fly" is one I've liked and have on CD as well. I'll be playing their CD” - Ed Guthero -Associate Professor - Art - Southern Adventist University