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Two Cat Folk: News

Two Cat Folk CD Release - June 2, 2006

We will celebrate the release of our new CD "Never Far from Home" on June 11th at our Parish Center for the Arts open mike. Jon Swenson will open at 7:30 and the Two Cat Folk will play. We will have an open mike after the Two Cat Folk set.

More stuff - May 9, 2006

I went to the Burlington Mall last Saturday. I don’t go there often for several reasons. The main one being that there are very few guy stores there. Probably I should say very few middle aged gray haired guy stores there. There is the Discovery channel store and now and Apple store which I like. Of course there is the ultimate middle aged guy store, Sears. I went to that mall because I was looking for a jacket and a couple of new shirts. No luck. Most of the stores seem to think that you want to dress like a rap guy. I am a little paunchy so I admit that the loose clothes do have some appeal but I am not big on the logos. I don’t want to be a slow lumbering billboard for some company. I definitely do not want the New York Yankees “NY” logo emblazoned on anything I own, the exception being a copy of the Boston Globe saying “Red Sox beat Yankees”. The other thing I noticed at the mall was that everyone wants to sell you a cell phone. There are little kiosks everywhere. I barely need the cell phone I have, why do I want more? I know what you are saying” Oh no another guy kvetching about cell phones”. I do find them useful, particularly when I am on my way home from work and need to call for a pizza. I would love to get a piece of the 600 million dollars we spent on ring tones in the U.S. last year. That’s a real figure according to BMI. I need to find a mall with middle aged guy stores like Black and Decker, an expand-a-belt slacks outlet, somewhere that sells big plaid shirts and comfortable shoes and maybe even a Sears. It should also have a Dunkin Donuts and comfortable benches to rest on.

Half Empty - April 17, 2006

The Red Sox have started out pretty well this year, the Yankees not so much. What’s not to like? Of course, it is only April; Only Patriot’s Day. Maybe that’s a “glass half empty” statement. I have lived in New England my whole life, yet I don’t know if New Englanders are generally a “half empty” or “half full” people. I know some that are definitely “full” but that is not related to the glass analogy. I used to spend time up at Dover-Foxcroft Maine when I was a kid. We would stay out at the lake while my old man worked in town at the tannery. I still remember some of the old Yankees up there. They were neither “half full” nor “half empty” guys. They were guys that would say “U-huh, looks to me like your glass is too big”. These Yankees were very practical men. Those other Yankees….

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