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Two Cat Folk: Links

John's blog page
Open Mikes
Information about our open mikes
Two Cat Folk Merchandise
Sure, it's crass and commercial - but it's stuff you can give for gifts and never get duplicated!
Two Cat Folk on CDBaby
John on CDBaby
Betsi on CDBaby


John Ferullo
Jud Caswell
Solo Performer
Steve Rapson's great web site
Seth Connelly
Musician, Producer, Songwriter and Spiderman's Dad
Betsi's web site
Ellen Schmidt
Fishken and Groves
John Schindler
Michael Troy
Tracy O'Connell
Susan Wilson, Photographer
Mike Delaney


The Java Room
Great food and coffee. Fun Music
Main Streets Market and Cafe
Great Menu!
Continental Cafe
Savoury Lane
another great supporter of live music and provider of wonderful food
Parish Center for the Arts
We run an open mike here. It's a great room!

Great Supporters of Music

WUMB Folk Radio

Other Stuff

The Cat Channel
Nothing to do with music at all. The definitive answer for questions about cats, cat care and potty training Siamese kittens.